Jeffery and Jeffery currently works for 35 cities and towns. We have four full-time and one part-time office employees. We also employ one full-time servicing agent, who hand-delivers notices on each and every bill. A toll free number is available to the municipalities we work for. Our enhanced access to Registry of Motor Vehicles via the internet allows us to mark, clear and research data instantly.

The following services are provided by our office at no charge to the municipality:

  • Printing of the original motor vehicles excise bills
  • Printing of commitment sheets if we are printing your bills
  • If we print your original excise bills, we would be getting the "raw" data from the Registry,
    This data will be provided to you on CD or by Electronic Transfer
  • Printing of Demands
  • We would supply blank bills and commitment sheets if we are printing your bills
  • Printing of Warrants for collection
  • Printing and mailing Notice of Warrants
  • Hand-delivery of Notice of Warrants
  • Printing and mailing of Final Notices
  • Marking and clearing of delinquent accounts at the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Listing of outstanding accounts whenever necessary
  • Weekly reports itemizing all monies collected

Jeffery and Jeffery is also equipped to collect unpaid Abandoned Vehicle, Boat Tax, Farm Animal, Fire District, Fire Protection, Real Estate, Personal Property, Water, Sewer, Trash Bills and Parking Tickets for municipalities.

If you should have any questions or are interested in any other aspects of our business, such as the folding, stuffing and mailing of excise bills, please feel free to contact our office.